EOSC structures

European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) partnership brings together institutional, national and European initiatives and involves all stakeholders in the co-design and implementation of the European Research Data Commons.

The aim is to involve the Member States and Associated Countries at two levels: through the EOSC Steering Board outside the EOSC Association and through the authorized national organizations that are members of EOSC Association.

GÉANT, together with other educational networks of European countries, plays a major role in the development of EOSC through the "EOSC Future" project on the basis of the results of several previous projects. The full-fledged partners of the "EOSC Future" project are, inter alia, GRNET, GÉANT, EGI, and other e-infrastructures and research clusters. EOSC Future is the main development project of EOSC Core and Minimum Viable EOSC. Other projects are responsible for different aspects of EOSC, for example: involving the research community at the domain level, at the regional level, service delivery by the EOSC. The organization of the European Open Science Cloud can be divided into three groups of projects: regional (e.g. NI4OS, EOSC Nordic), service (aimed at introducing new services) and development - including EOSC Future, EOSC Exchange and EOSC HUB.

In addition to the official engagement mechanisms, a network of EOSC National Structures emerged last year to assist countries in organizing EOSC coordination and involvement activities at local level. EOSC national structures do not necessarily correspond to authorized organizations. In some countries they are the first step towards establishing an authorized organization, but in many cases they are complementary structures necessary to bring the EOSC closer to the national research community and to stimulate the active participation of researchers as providers and users of FAIR digital content (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable https://www.go-fair.org/fair-principles/). In Poland area of projects and services for data storage and processing at the level of Krajowy Magazyn Danych (eng. National Data Warehouse) and PIONIER-LAB may serve as the basis for the expansion of the national EOSC initiative.

The results of work at EOSC will feed into a virtual environment of modern science processes that will help to promote European scientists and their achievements on a global scale in the future. As part of the cooperation between PIONIER consortium and EOSC we will take care of the values important to every scientist in Poland, implementing projects and services according to realistic scenarios and the requirements of the scientific process.

EOSC services related to PIONIER

In the future PIONIER consortium plans to create a national catalog of suppliers, i.e. scientific and research institutions from Poland that provide services under the EOSC.