National Platform for Research Infrastructure Integration with Innovation Ecosystems involves the construction of new, unique research laboratories and the use of the existing national PIONIER fiber-optic network. The main assumption of PIONIER-LAB project, which is included in the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure, is to provide a platform for research units, entrepreneurs and other entities interested in conducting scientific research and development works. As part of PIONIER-LAB project, it is planned to create eight specialized laboratories: Laboratory of Innovative Network Technologies, Distributed Time and Frequency Laboratory, Smart Campus as a Smart City Laboratory, Regional “Live” Innovation Laboratories inspired by ICT, Cloud Services Laboratory, Multiscale Simulation Laboratory, Laboratory and Services e-training (in the field of PIONIER-LAB and innovations inspired by technology), Pre-incubation Laboratory.


A system for safe storage and sharing of data as well as backup and archival storage. KMD system offers a backup (backup), archiving and virtual file system service. The virtual file system allows you to store user data organized in files and directories, similar to storing them on a local or network drive.

As part of KMD2 project, work was carried out to increase the level of security and reliability of data storage in KMD system and extending the functionality of the system and its interfaces.

KMD3 is currently being worked on, the aim of which is to develop and providing production services in the field of storage, access, data protection and metadata management as well as integration of solutions for processing large and complex data volumes based on distributed e-infrastructure.


A project offering advanced computing and data storage services, supporting scientific circles in Poland and Europe and industrial research in the economy. The most modern and largest computing infrastructure of the highest reliability standard is also operational thanks to the involvement of Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre. The overall objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the scientific community and the economy, with particular emphasis on SMEs, on international markets. The direct objective of the project is to build a widely available HPC (High Performance Computing) infrastructure consisting of high-performance computing servers, specialised processing units and flexible data management systems, and to provide scientific entities and enterprises with services based on this infrastructure for R&D and commercial activities.

Projects from the last years of PIONIER Consortium or projects on PIONIER infrastructure