Network services

The PIONIER network in collaboration with with MAN units offers its users and commercial customers specialized network services. The network services developed and maintained in the PIONIER network include:

The lease service involves setting up a fiber optic connection based on available cable relations with the use of so-called dark fibers. The connection can be realized between collocation objects with fibers leading out on the optical distribution box. One or more dedicated fibers may be leased. The service also includes collocating devices in regenerative facilities.

The service ininvolves setting up point-to-point connection within the country based on the PIONIER network with the use of the DWDM transmission system. Connections are made in the form of dedicated lambdas with a capacity of 10G or 100G, using an optical band with a specific spectrum, or as alien lambda, where the optical signal with a specific wave length is transmitted to the DWDM system of the PIONIER network directly from the partner’s / client’s system.

These services involve setting up connections in MPLS technology on 1 GE, 10 GE or 100 GE interfaces in the national network (PIONIER) and in regional networks (MAN). Connections can be made between two (point-to-point connection) or multiple locations (corporate network connection). This allows for a secure, reliable and scalable connection of geographically dispersed locations. Services such as VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service), EVPN (Ethernet VPN) and L3VPN can be implemented.

MAN network units provide their users with access to global Internet resources using IP transmission via the PIONIER network. High availability and reliability of the service is provided through dedicated and redundant connections set up to the largest Tier 1 transit operators. IP traffic exchange is also performed through domestic and foreign traffic exchange points (Internet eXchange) such as PLIX, AMSIX, DCIX and LINX, the form of direct peering with operators and suppliers.

Using the GÉANT network, the PIONIER network connects with the European research networks (NREN). The GÉANT network offers five basic services, also available in the PIONIER network:
  • GÉANT IP – exchange of IP traffic in the GÉANT network between national research networks,
  • GÉANT Plus – ompilation of direct, dedicated point-to-point channels in GÉANT network between national research networks,
  • GÉANT Peering (IAS – Internet Access Service) – IP transmission for traffic exchange with operators and content providers connected to traffic exchange point in GÉANT with speeds up to 100 Gbps via the GÉANT network,
  • GÉANT Open – local traffic exchange (Internet Exchange) in layer 2 with speeds up to 100 Gb/s between service participants,
  • GÉANT TCS – service of obtaining electronic certificates.

Additionally, GÉANT L3VPN, GÉANT Bandwidth on Demand and GÉANT MDVPN (multi-domain VPN) services are offered. Explore the GÉANT website.

Membership in the Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) allows for safe and reliable transmissions with high capacity for the needs of international projects. Go to the GLIF website.
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